Wireless Microphone Rental

Need a wireless microphone rental? Rent a wireless handheld microphone as seen below or a wireless lav microphone for a hands free presentation or speaking engagement. Fill out the av rental quote form to the right to get a quick rental quote for a wireless microphone.

wireless microphone rental


Wireless Lav Rental

Looking for a wireless lav rental to be hands free during your meeting, event, or wedding? Rent a wireless lav with speakers and audio mixer for a full sound system with all the av equipment included. Wireless lav microphone rentals can be rented with batteries included or without.

wireless lav rental

Wireless Headset Microphone Rental

Get a wireless headset microphone rental for teaching exercise classes or crossfit. Are you speaking at a cooking show and need to use your hands while giving a class? Rent a wireless headset microphone so you have full range of body movement while ensuring the microphone does not get in your way during your important event.

wireless headset microphone rental